VasileVasile from Romania
Vasile is currently working at the Mercedes Benz factory in Bremen. He is also pursuing a PhD.
“Although I was thinking to gain more insight into the practical application of logistics, I had the amazing opportunity to already start my PhD. The detail that helped decide towards the PhD was the fact that it would be in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and therefore I would also be working in the industry at the same time.”
The daily routine of a working PhD student…
“Luckily, I am not confronted with a fixed routine every day. The collaboration between the university and company was set up in such a manner that I need to be present two days a week in the university office. Of course, during ‘factory days’ there are certain routine appointment and tasks, but my usual day is always different and filled with interesting projects and tasks. The only downside is that work in the factory starts very early, but I got used to it quickly.”