Luxue from China
What was your most impressive positive thing you learned/ experienced in Germany/ at Jacobs University?
I would say it’s really amazing that people are living with respect together despite their differences, and despite whatever the conflicts there is outside of the “bubble”. Its a showcase of the motto ” young or old, rich or poor, man or woman, everyone has the right to a good education” I am very happy that Jacobs is not those premium private universities and wish it would always keep this in its spirit.

How do you like the program’ approach to integrate perspectives, the management and the engineering one?
I like it very much. The management part is more like a mini-MBA, quite a good complementary from my bachelor degree, which fundamental course are offered in Economics, organizational behavior, accounting, finance. The basic engineering part is not as difficult as the engineering course from my bachelor degree like advanced maths, operations research, programming, simulations, but it is a very good basis for further academic research.