GeorgianaGeorgiana from Romania
Why ILME? What do you like about the program?
I think it is a really good program, and it is nice that I already know most of the professors. I also think it is really practically oriented and directed very much towards the industry: I feel like we know a lot about the industry and the different companies, in comparison to other programs. I also want to stay in German longer and learn more German, since I think 2,5 years were not enough for me. The masters also opens much more doors for me. One of the best parts is the internationality. Sometimes we take it for granted because at Jacobs it is everywhere. We are so used to working in a group with different people from different countries, but when I talk to people at home their reply is: ‘Oh wow you know some one from Ethiopia?!’ When we go and work it is going to be really easy for us to adapt to an international work environment.”