Preliminary Course Plan

The following is a suggested course plan over the two years of the program.

Semester I (30 ECTS) Semester II (30 ECTS)
Language (2,5) Language (2,5)
Introduction to Academic Writing in SCEM (5) Econometrics (2,5)
Advanced Business Mathematics (5) Law for Logistics (5)
Modelling & Simulation in SCEM (5) Strategic & Innovation Management (2,5)
Introduction to Transportation, Logistics & SCEM (5) Supply Chain Management (5)
International Purchasing (2,5) Supply Chain Engineering (5)
Communication & Presentation Skills (2,5) Leading Teams and Groups (2,5)
Decision Making (2,5) Intercult. Competence & Management (2,5)

Recommended Internship During Summer Break

Semester III (30 ECTS) Semester IV (30 ECTS)
Management of Logistics Service Providers (2,5) Ethics & Sustainable
Business (2,5)
Quality and Risk Management (2,5) Master Thesis (27,5)
Research Project (10)
Industrial Project (10)
Project Management Concepts

The course of studies consists of five sections that the program’s representatives consider crucial for the study of SCEM.
The students will become familiar with different methods and disciplines. They will acquire the curriculum in seminars, workshops, excursions, tutorials, interactive case studies, exercises and online-lectures using both group and self-study. Courses are aimed at problem familiarization, analysis skills and rational decision making. Therefore, it represents a careful balance and integration of learning, researching and practical coordination.

Germany, and northern Germany in particular, is a logistics hub. A lot of companies, which are closely involved in international logistic and supply chain management are located here. A solid command of the German language as well as a sufficient knowledge of and practice in Business-German prepares you both, for a career within Germany as well for an international career dealing with German suppliers and customers.