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Project Management Concepts

For logistics and supply chain networks, project management creates the framework for organizational flexibility and ability to adapt to change. Therefore, in this course, you will learn the theoretical, strategic and practical aspects of international project management on a highly standardized level. The transfer will be guaranteed by sequentially writing a project handbook following a process model including methods and tools for project leaders.

Business Continuity Management

In our complex and globalized world, daily business very much is characterized by intertwined multilayer networks of supply chains. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is an all-encompassing methodology that helps to protect an organisation embedded into such a network from risks and to ensure that time-critical business processes will continue to function even during outrages or emergencies.
BCM includes a whole range of tools that we come to know during the course, in theory and in practice.

Intro to Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

This course aims at introducing you to transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The focus is on providing a holistic perspective on logistics and supply chain management in terms of processes and conflicting targets, different terms and definitions, processes, functions and targets of logistics and supply chain management and how do they impact the overall company success.

Research Project

This seminar requires you in small groups to prepare a research paper on value chain management. We pick up an industry as a starting point and step deeper into the problems of organization, vertical and horizontal relations and the scopes and limits of markets and regulation. What are the issues of the sector with respect to (de-)regulation, fragmentation and coordination and/or innovation?

Ethics & Sustainable Business

Ethics and sustainable business practices are continuously gaining importance in the corporate world. This is true not only because today’s customers have a heightened sense for ethics and sustainable business practices, but because national and international laws are changing and are becoming more demanding in this are. The course will introduce you to this complex and demanding topic prepare them to pro-actively deal with the related issues.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management has become one of the “Buzz Words” that can be found in numerous company websites, articles and on the internet. At the same time, not too many people are aware of the true scope and importance of this concept in a corporate setting. You will be introduced to the concept of Supply Chain Management and understand why it is almost impossible for any company in todays competitive environment to develop long term sustainable competitive advantages without taking a close look at the firm’s supply chain design – and set-up. You will learn how to develop supply chain management strategies and implement them based on specific and dynamic company requirements.